God bless America _ 대본 & MP3

2014.08.28 19:53

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God Bless America

: Some one hundred and twenty years ago, our country, was in darkness and despair. 


: Neighbor nations tried to take advantage of us, but God sent American missionaries to Korea to give us hope. 


: They shined the light of the gospel and told us that,


같이: “God loves you!”


: In 1950, our country was in trouble again.  Communists attacked our nation, invaded our country and shattered our peace. 


: American soldiers came to Korea to restore our freedom, many of whom died while fighting to help us. 


: They told us by their actions that,


같이 : “God cares for you!”


: On September 11th of 2001, the American people and the freedom you cherish was under attack.  But we saw how you rose from the ashes of that disaster with a renewed hope in God. 


: In the moment of your deepest pain, America returned to God through prayer and repentance.


: Now, we hope that our two nations will continue to stand together and remind the world that no nation can stand without God. 


: As your brothers and sisters in Christ from the Far East Broadcasting Company - Korea, we stand here with you to say…


같이 : “God, Bless America!”

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